Rimshot Breaks

Rimshot Breaks

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As well as our original, royalty-free sample packs and instruments, 12-Bit Crunch also offers a resource for the DJs, Producers and Diggers who love to hunt breaks and loops on original vinyl. It's called 'The Knowledge'.

20+ years obsessively digging for breaks makes us well qualified to share knowledge about the sources for many different types of breaks. I wish i'd had a resource like this when I first got started. I'd compile lists hundreds-long of break records, only to buy them and realise the breaks were actually no bueno.

I've made sure that all the breaks in 'The Knowledge' series are personally-selected for ultimate useability and bang-factor son!

The first type of break to get 'The Knowledge' treatment is the rimshot break, aka most gangster sound in the known universe:

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Available for a nominal charge*, 'Rimshot Breaks' is a PDF file with the original sources for over 40 personally-selected rimshot drum breaks.

So you can hear what you're looking for before you head down to the record shop (or if you don't even own a turntable but love samples), when you download the 'Rimshot Breaks' PDF you'll also get a free bonus download: a folder of all 40+ breaks as .WAV files... try before you buy!

As these are copyrighted recordings belonging to the original artists and labels, we recommend to use them for fun (they are GREAT to play along to for instrumentalists and songwriters)- if you do sample them in music you stand to profit from, then do the right thing and track down the rightsholders.


*We obviously understand the irony of there being a charge for a download that includes copyrighted sounds. We're not aiming to get rich here, it's a nominal charge to help with the upkeep of the site. We hope you understand!