12-Bit Crunch is a site catering to producers, beatmakers and composers who can't live without crackly, lo-fi, hissy sounds. You might be a hip-hop producer looking for dusty grooves. You might be a media composer, trying to make something for a brief that stands out from the pile.

Our 'Machine' range of Kontakt instruments are sample-players based on record collecting and sample-chopping culture, specifically chord chops on solo instruments. When you sample a record though you might be restricted to only one or two chords. On our instruments you have hundreds, in all twelve musical keys!

The instruments are super fun to use: If you're new to music theory you can learn about chord types (you can even export the MIDI to learn the voicings yourself) and even pros can come up with new chord-progressions. The chords themselves are grouped in octaves by type and not musical key (i.e only the chords in the diatonic major scale)- So you never know what you might come up with if you bash away at the keys.

We currently have three instruments:

- Jazz Machine- inspired by the sound of Blue Note Records: Herbie Hancock, Grant Green, Bobby Hutcherson.

Soul Machine- inspired by the Atlantic soul sound of Aretha Franklin, Donny Hathaway and Wilson Pickett.

- Roots Machine- Inspired by classic Roots Reggae of the 1970s: artists like Burning Spear, The Wailers and the production of Joe Gibbs and Tony Robinson.

We also are the only place to offer the complete digital archive of the loops that were made for the Bandmaster Powerhouse, a '70s Scottish drum machine that played back live drum loops on 8-track cartridges. These included some exceedingly rare tapes made for the US market only.

Slowly but surely we'll keep adding things that we think are awesome enough to be worth it in this crowded software landscape- so sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know!