Where is my download?

If it's not in your inbox, then check your spam folder. This will solve 99% of problems. Of course it may also possible you mis-typed your email address when checking out. In that case contact me here.

My link doesn't work/has expired?

Contact me here and we can get you sorted out.

Are the libraries returnable?

I'm afraid not. There is plenty of audio and a full description of what you'll be getting before you hit the purchase button. I hope you'll be pleased with what you download. With regards the Kontakt instruments, you must make sure you have a full authorised version of Kontakt (not a demo or Kontakt Player).

Is Powerhouse Breaks Royalty-Free?

Yes. As far as I can tell. Before I made these samples available, I researched exhaustively into the company that produced the original Bandmaster Powerhouse tapes- G.R International. The company directors (two brothers) are now deceased, and the business was not passed down to anyone else, nor any rights sold to their products. It merely ceased to exist. Unlike Mellotron or Optigan, nobody has bought the rights to their products. It's somewhat of a mystery. Should anyone have any information about this company that I've been unable to dig up, please do get in touch!

What will you do with my email and personal details?

I hate spam. Who doesn't? I will only contact you to notify you of one of the three following things: A new product at 12-Bit Crunch, an update to an existing product or news of our annual sale. If you don't want to hear about these things (you crazy), then just hit unsubscribe and at the very least you'll only have received one unwanted email. If you really really don't want to hear from me even once, then contact me here and I'll delete you from the list immediately.