Powerhouse Breaks Vol. 2


It's taken more than a few years to track them all down, but we're finally able to offer a complete digital archive of the Bandmaster Powerhouse tapes 9-14*:

Tapes 9-12 were available as an additional 'bonus' pack, in addition to the eight tapes that shipped with the original machine. Tapes 13-14 were made exclusively for the American market and only available there. All six are incredibly rare.

The Powerhouse Breaks series is a true digital archive of the drum loops made for the Powerhouse. There are quite a few that suck but none are removed or edited. With that in mind, producers and beatmakers will be pleased to hear that these have a higher 'useability' ratio than Volume 1, as in more patterns that would work to make beats with. 

We have exciting new genres like 'Disco Beat' 'Disco Rock', 'Philly Beat' and 'Latin Hustle' in here, as well as the two 'Nashville' tapes with country breaks abound (in a good way).

Here's the loop called "Nashville 12/8" as an example (warning: low bit-rate mp3):


The loops are presented in their full duration in 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV format. They're recorded from a professionally-restored machine and as many duplicates of tape as we could get our hands on. This is the only place to find these loops, short of buying an expensive original machine (difficult) and then finding all the bonus tapes (nigh on impossible)!

There were six of these bonus tapes, with eight loops on each, so that's 48 lengthy drum and percussion loops in total. Beamed in direct from the 1970s. Download them today.

*"What's a Bandmaster Powerhouse?" Have a look here.